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General Health Screening

Importance of General Health Screening

Most modern Singaporeans deal with lifestyle factors, stress and other aspects of their life which can cause a host of medical problems. However, many do not do anything to preempt them. The best way to detect the onset of a health condition before it worsens is to do a health screening test. This allows our doctors to notice the onset of problems before symptoms really manifest.

It is important that even seemingly healthy Singaporeans go for regular checkups to ensure their bill of health. However, certain additional tests may be warranted for people who are predisposed to certain diseases. For example, based on family history or social history, you may be at a higher risk for developing specific diseases over time. Your own pre-existing medical conditions may also affect your risk of further diseases and complications. 

Our clinic aims to provide a one-stop facility for screening, assessment and treatment of many of these common health ailments. 

Things you should know about health screening

How long will it take to perform my health screening? Can i do it over my lunch break at work?

While time will vary from person to person, the average screening process takes 30 mins to an hour. Make sure that you give yourself more time as it may take longer if you have more healthcare needs or a complicated healthcare history.

And yes, you can do it over your lunch break but that will mean more fasting time! 

What documents do i need to bring to my health screening?

There are a few items to take to your appointment:

  • Singapore NRIC, passport, employment pass, or work permit as applicable. 
  • Any medical records and test results such as x-rays, MRI scans or blood test results that you may have had done before. 
  • List of medications that you are currently taking. 
  • Reading glasses or contact lenses if you wear them.

How do I prepare for a health screening?

You will most likely be having bloodwork done in a fasting state. This is a test that will check for blood glucose levels, cholesterol, triglycerides, and other markers of health. Make sure that you fast for at least eight hours before your appointment in order to have accurate results. 

If you are hungry during your appointment, you will have to wait to eat until after the tests are performed. You may have plain water before and during the appointment.  

If you are unsure about skipping medications or any other parts of the process, make sure to ask your doctor or other healthcare staff. Patients who are taking diabetic medication, for example, may be asked to hold their medication until after the screening is completed. 

What do I do if I’m sick?

If you develop an illness before the screening, please call promptly in order to inform the clinic. Depending on your symptoms and the severity of your illness, your doctor may ask you to follow certain precautions or re-schedule your screening. 

As a female, is there anything else that I need to know?

Make sure that you inform the staff and physician if you are pregnant or suspect that you could be pregnant.

If you are having your period, tests such as a pap smear, urine, and stool tests should not be performed until five days after or before a menstrual cycle. If your period coincides with the date of the screen, make sure to inform the staff or the physician in charge. The tests will be rearranged at a later date as the presence of blood can affect the results of the test.

If you have having an ultrasound, you will have to drink 5-6 glasses of water before having an ultrasound of the pelvis and abdomen. Additionally, you will have to fast for eight hours before this test. You should avoid urinating about an hour before the exam.

If you are having a mammogram, it’s recommended to not have this test performed if you are pregnant. You should also avoid this test until at least one week after the last day of your menstruation. Additionally, try to avoid wearing deodorant, perform, or any creams on your underarm or chest area as this will affect the quality of the mammogram.

When will I receive my results?

Your health screening report will probably be ready within seven days. There may be a need to have additional testing done, depending on your results. If this is indicated, your doctor will contact you and request that you make a follow up appointment.

In addition to performing routine health screening, we can also provide recommendations for any additional testing or workup if your results are abnormal or require further medical attention.  

While many people avoid having screening done, having this testing performed on an annual basis is one of the best ways to assess your current health. Even people in good health should have this testing completed annually so make sure to prioritize this for good health long-term. 

What should I do if I would like to know more?

If you’re not sure about the various tests being performed, make sure to discuss them with your physician. You may have questions or even be interested in having additional screening tests performed. All health screening is designed to be comprehensive so discuss any concerns during your visit. 

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